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Our company was established in 1978. Sergen Metal is mainly engaged in steel foreign trade. Galvanized and painted sheet metal are company’s specialty. Painted sheet metal has been imported to Turkey and introduced to the market firstly by Sergen Metal in 1993. Trapeze metal sheet, sinus form corrugated metal sheet, ridge metal, and drywall profiles are manufactured from painted and galvanized metal sheet on 8 production lines in Sergen Metal’s factory which is located at Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone (DES). Also slitting, length cutting services and painted or galvanized sheet metal trading are provided by Sergen Metal.

Company owner Tuncay Sergen has graduated from Robert College / Boğaziçi University after graduating from Kayseri Inonu primary school, Talas and Tarsus American Colleges. He has a master’s degree in industrial management. Worked as Assistant Genereal Manager for 6 years in Çolakoğlu Metalurji A.Ş. company. After 1993, he has worked as representative of the Austrian Voest Alpine AG in Turkey for 22 years. He represented the sector in ISO and served as the 3 term chairman at YİSAD (Flat Steel Export and Industrialists Association). He is still a member of YİSAD board of directors. He is the vice president of ÇELFED (Steel Federation) which is founded in 2018.

He served as vice president of the Kayserililer Association (KAYDER) for 2 terms. Marmara Sailing Club, ASİAD, BÜMED, BİZİMTEPE, SEV Foundation Board of Trustees and Fenerbahçe Club Congress members.