Sergen Metal has been representing Voest Alpine Intertrading AG(VAIT) of Austria in Turkey since the beginning of 1993.

VAIT has trade relations with 80 countries. Voest Alpine Stahl AG (steel and iron group of VAIT) is one of the Europe’s leading steel engineering and machine manufacturing company of Austria. (They undertook the project for the new cold rolling plant of Erdemir in Turkey.)

VAIT is the partner of three important Austrian banks. It is distinguished from other firms of the same sector by providing counter trade finance, transport and logistic services.

VAIT has 26 offices and more than 40 Voest Alpine Offices in 17 countries. Its operations cover iron and steel production, steel plant design.

VAIT’s steel division has a turnover of up to two million tons/year of steel products. Products range from semi-finished products (slabs, billets, blooms) to long products (bars, sections profiles and tubes) and from flat products (galvanized and prepainted).

VAIT has an extensive trading network covering Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Middle East and Far East.

From its own terminal (Novolog) at the port of Odessa /Ukraine, VAIT handles 1,5 - 2  million tons of steel per year and with this volume, it ranks as one of the Europe’s leading steel traders.